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Dubbelganger in Liminal Space is a performative dance installation, specifically made for Hall 6 of De Kunsthal.

It is made as a response to Willem Besselink’s site-specific installation Dubbelganger that in its turn is a response to the architecture of the Kunsthal of Rem Koolhaas. 

It intertwines the physical and sensorial space with the imaginary. 

Choreographer Marta Reig Torres invites the public to pass through Dubbelganger creating a new perceptive dimension of visible and invisible spaces where there is either a beginning nor an end. The performers become moving body-sculptures as an extension of the art installation Dubbelganger.

The performances are taking place during the Night of the Museums (Rotterdamse Museumnacht) in the Kunsthal Museum.

Choreographer & Concept | Marta Reig Torres i

Installation  | Willem Besselink

Camera & video editing | Michaela Lakova

Performers | Alina Fejzo and Charlotte Riedijk

Thanks to Bruno Listopad, Ellen Knoops and Michaela Lakova


dubbelganger in liminal space

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