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Hi, welcome! Here is a few words about me:

My name is Alina, I'm an italo-albanian photographer and performer living in The Netherlands. I have been portraying stories and characters with performance art all my life, now I wish to describe what I feel and see with my camera.

I come from studies of architecture and interior design. Even though I left that study path to go and follow my career as a professional dancer, I was lucky enough to follow that 'old' passion creating images for visual artists, and small brands owners that trusted my aesthetic eye.

Together, I build personal images for their branding to share either on their webisite or a more personal work like an exposition.

I expand my interest through portraiture, dance photography, weddings and entrepeneur photography. 

My first natural shift from being a performer was to photograph dancers! Then the intention behind dance photography shifted into a more curious side of my self. I needed to get closer to the subjects, closer to the people behind the image. That's when I started exploring portrait photography.


Personally, dance and portraiture are very connected.

A shoot for me is like a performance: bits by bits you introduce yourself, I slowly form an idea of the image that you want to project to the outside world, we both are testing our territories. Slowly we realise that the atmosphere has become welcoming for new features to come in, and we start exploring and building YOU, it's show time! :)

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