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At what age do you become an adult? Scientists have recently discovered that the brain only fully develops around the age of 25. Until then you have an excuse for endless searching, struggling and breaking down. Growing up is like waking from a hormone-fueled bad trip. Since we all know what it’s like, we tend to dismiss adolescent struggles as “just growing pains”. But sometimes it’s not that simple – maybe you have to take a closer look.
Black Dog is a performance about living with a brain that’s still in development. Modern dance, art and electronic music come together in a whirlwind of chaos, destruction and desire. Dancers clash and try to manipulate each other, their environment and even the music. A performance about adolescence, for and by adults.

Choreography |  Marijke de Vos
Installation | Frans van der Horst
Composition | Robbert Klein
Dramaturgy |  Anne van de Wetering


Dance | Alina Fejzo, Ewa Sikorska, Sara Miguelote

Trailer: Mihai Gui

black dog

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