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Thron, the successful piece from 1984 by the Dutch-Hungarian choreographer Krisztina de Châtel and the German artist VA Wölfl, will be recreated in October 2017. Today’s audience will have a chance to discover this first-class de Châtel choreography, a classic of Dutch modern dance, with a new cast of dancers. Thron builds on the minimalism of de Châtel’s previous work, including Lines (1979), combining this with a more individualised approach to the dancers. Thron is about pent-up strength, incredible devotion and an ever-more vehement controlled energy in a magical struggle with time. 
VA Wölfl, who opened Julidans in 2011 and 2014 with his company Neuer Tanz, will oversee set design and costumes for the repeat performance of Thron. Composer Patricio Wang has taken a new approach to the original score. The music, which is minimalist in style with a Latin American flavour, has been reset with greater expressivity through a dialogue with electronics in collaboration with Huib Emmer.

Choreographer | Krisztina De Chatel

Sculpture & Costume | VA Wolfl

Music | Patricio Wang, Huib Emmer

Repetitor | Dries van der Post

Production | De Chatel Sur Place (Amsterdam)

                      Neuer Tanz (Dusseldorf)

Performers | Marina Bilterijst, Gilda Cesario,

                     Alina Fejzo, Mariagrazia Nacci,          

                     Martina Orlandi


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