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Slanting Spaces is an interdisciplinary dance installation performance, where the relationship between space, body and light through the sensorial modalities of touch and voice are explored.
Visual artist Willem Besselink invited Marta to respond to his installation Dubbelganger in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam during the Night of the museums (Museum Nacht). Marta has now invited Besselink to her world where she pursues her research about perceiving and reading new spaces through the body. This has led her to create a series of pieces in museums and art spaces that contained similar elements, but each piece exists as separate entities, reflecting the distinct frameworks of their presentation. In this new context and alternative space, bodies and light are altering the new installation created by Besselink.

Slanting Spaces is the final project for the Master of Choreography that Marta is pursuing at the Fontys and Codarts Universities and will be presented at the #1 COMMA Festival

Choreographer & Concept | Marta Reig Torres i

Installation  | Willem Besselink

Performers | Alina Fejzo and Charlotte Riedijk

Light designer | Ellen Knops

Artistic adviser | Bruno Listopad                     

slanting spaces

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