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The triptych (Im) Pulse presents two characteristic works by Krisztina de Châtel alongside new work by young maker Audrey Apers from SALLY’s Danslab. Apers' 'Labor of Love' (2019) focuses on the collaboration between performer, Apers himself, and musical performer Jan Deboom. In De Châtel's classic 'Pulse' (2007) the dancers are dragged through the sound of György Ligeti like leaves in a hurricane. De Châtel's 'Thirteen Images From The Dark Land' (2017), based on a composition by George Crumb and accompanied live by Ensemble 88, explores the human soul in the physical body.
Krisztina de Châtel, SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht and Ensemble 88 are joining forces for three choreographies with a leading role for music.

Choreographer | Krisztina De Chatel

Sculpture | Conrad van de Ven

Costumes | Aziz Bekkaoui

Music | György Ligeti

Repetitor | Francesca Monti

Light design | Bernie van Velzen

Production | De Chatel Sur Place (Amsterdam)


Performers | Marina Bilterijst, Luis Pedraza Cedròn, Cesare Di Laghi, Alina Fejzo, Pedro Ricardo Henry, Ivan Montis, Pedro Ricardo Henry



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