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In Arise, Astrid Boons shows us the personal perspective in which the social and societal expectations imposed on women determine which ambitions are appropriate. Three dancers fight against strict physical boundaries that consist of nothing more than light. The bodies move intuitively and in search. They flow and congeal through space until they slowly reveal their strength and vulnerability.

Choreographer | Astrid Boons

Composition | Miguelangel Clerc Parada

Performers | Alina Fejzo, Alice Gioria, Karolina Szymura

Costumes | Min Li

Light design | Bernie van Velzen

Photos | Sjoerd Derine, Joris Jan Bos

Production | Korzo


Astrid Boons - Arise_high res._DSS072371


Astrid Boons - Arise_high res._DSS074461
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