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My internship with Krisztina De Chatel started in August 2013 with our frst production collaboration with diferent fireman stations, called “BRAND!”

The show was intense and demanding. Its premiere was on the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam's Kop van Zuid, accomodating 800 visitors for three days in a row. It is an extraordinary, site -speceifc dance performance, in which the brigade and their vehicles confront us dancers. Such themes were studied: men vs. women, human vs. machine: an unsual encounter in which feelings of safety and vulnerability were exposed. Beauty, power, and the machines were all engaged in an exciting physical dialogue.

Choreographer | Krisztina de Chatel

Performer | Barbora Brezinova, Pauline Briguet, Lisa van de Broeck, Alina Fejzo, Martina Orlandi, Shay Partush

Music | Giocchino Rossini


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